Define the wind load for a shell structure

Hello everyone
The following image is a shell structure that I am working on. My problem is that I do not know how to define wind load with karamba3d. Could you please help me?
Elif (32.9 KB)

Hi, wind loads are treated as meshloads (or line loads for beams as well). You just need to calculate the mesh with which to apply the load and then set the direction and load value in the component.

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I’ve tried this method before, but my problem is that I do not know how to adjust the direction and value of the vectors. Because as you know the distribution of wind pressure around the shell structure is not the same. How can I get the right values and directions for vectors? (111.3 KB)

At the moment Karamba does not calculate the wind loads for you automatically, so you will need to define it manually. Directions and values of the loads are defined as vectors, which can be orientated according to the mesh or globally using the different MeshLoad settings.

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I understand. Thank you very much for your clear explanation.