Kangaroo - record iterations - Timer with slider

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Here is my gh file, this is a circle packing demo 171219_KangarooCPmultiradii_2.gh (15.1 KB)

So my question is simple, yet I can’t find a solution on the forum. I want to move time with a slider, and move it as I wish, to be able to stop at any point of the packing.

I tried with the “data recorder” component but I want to be able to edit the edit the input data (let’s say size and number of circle) and reset the “data recorder” at the same time. Plus it’s really a heavy process to have the recording process in background.

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i had a similar question, i want to move time with a slider somehow inorder to extract the geometry in transition?

Hi @adityajain30120
You can use the StepSolver component of Kangaroo. Connect the goals as normal, and attach a slider to the Animate input. Setting this slider to zero resets the simulation, and you can right click it and use the Grasshopper animate function to record a series of images of the Kangaroo iterations which you can then compile into a video or animation.
This is also better than using screencap software with the regular solver component, as then the capture rate and iteration rate won’t sync up exactly, which can lead to stuttering frames.

Thanks Daniel, it helped me.
There is another issue I was facing while using “collide component” as i still have intersections throughout the simulation. I tried culling a few control points to recreate a non intersecting curve, but it doesn’t help always. I have uploaded the .gh file.
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Growth using Kangaroo.gh (16.6 KB)

Growth using Kangaroo_.gh (17.9 KB)
With this sort of growth simulation it works much better if the growth is gradual.
Here I’ve shown how to modify your file so that the growth of the line is controlled by the same slider as the animation.