Kangroo 2 animation- Vray Next

test 1.zip (4.8 MB) Hi
This is a part of my code and Rhino file. I want to create an animation by V ray in Grasshopper But the problem is how to define an appropriate number slider to input V ray Timeline then export it to Kangroo solver ? and Actually which solver is better for creating animation in Vray next? any solution will be helpful. thank you…test.gh (42.5 KB)test.gh (52.8 KB)

Hi @hasan.shafiie

I’m not familiar with the current VRay, but for animation I generally recommend using the StepSolver like this:
animation.gh (10.0 KB)
The simulation is reset when the solver is at zero, and advances by one frame every time the slider increases
(the actual value of the slider is not important here, any value >0 will cause it to advance a frame, the important thing is that it triggers an update to the solution).
For the built in GH slider animation function you can then just right click the slider and save the frames.
If you can link VRay to a slider in a similar way it should work.