How to alter dimension name?


Having created a dimension called 6mm height, I later decide I shall have the text 10mm height, alter the box to 10mm, but I cant figure out how t alter the dimension name from 6mm to 10mm though.



Hi Steve,

in V4 (and V5), you can either double click on the dimension object itself to change it or take a look in the _Properties dialog, there should be an entry for dimension. Inside that text you can remove the “<>” which is a placeholder for the distance and enter your own value and text. Note that you need to change the view slightly to see it update.

Is this what you´re trying or do you want to rename the style itself ?



Nope, trying to rename the actual description of the dimension in the properties box, the name that also shows when one has selected a dimension and selected object properties and dimension.



hm, in V4 i do get this when a dimension object is selected, the field using white background (the dimension text) can be overridden, extended or changed individually, i´ve just added mm after the “<>” in my case:

only for reference of my post above, the dimension style can be renamed in the options dialog under Dimensions:

what did you mean with “description of the dimension” ?