How to align the normal direction of the curve

The starting point of my current curve is not in the same direction, how can I make the normal direction of the curve change to the same direction? (46.1 KB)
This is the project file

Hi @zfq947254420 , Im not sure if I understood correctly, but are you trying to have all the curves have the same direction? IN that case you could try flipping the curve according to one guiding curve with this component:
(Flip Curve - Grasshopper Curve - Component for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs)

Also if you do not want to use one of the curves in your list as a guide, you can also just create a Circle and use that as your guiding curve for consistency.

Your understanding is correct, but I just don’t understand how to operate this battery.

This could be a way…

Flip (47.3 KB)


Thank you HS_Kim for the answer. Will there be a simpler algorithm for this?

Is this simple enough for you?

Flip (137.1 KB)

Even simpler…

Flip (133.0 KB)


This is fine, thank you HS_Kim for your patient answers,