Outward normal direction for several curves


I have one question:
can I change the normal’s direction of several curves into their outward direction respect to each curve ?

NORMAL.gh (6.1 KB)
NORMAL.3dm (1.0 MB)

I don’t think you’re expressing it right: ‘normal’ is not an attribute of a curve.
If you mean direction, probably this is what you’re after:
out.gh (8.1 KB)

thanks for replay, is working well if the curves are disposed in a circle

and if these curves are not equally spaced? like in the next example, where I need to extrude multiple curves, in different directions . can I do it without specifying a reference surface ?


check this… I think it should be fine-tuned for more general case…

NORMAL_RE.gh (40.9 KB)

Note: You will need Polyline Offset from Clipper.

THANKS @Jakinta! Cool plugin

I see your curves are not clean (they look clean but many of them are ‘hooks’ -the endpoinds are not at the visible end.)
in the image bellow, you see the control points, the 0 should be at the top of each curve (or the bottom) but in many cases it is not. (in a few cases, it goes 17,20,18,19 which means that the curve does a very narrow loop and going downwards again)
I would advice you to recreate them the correct way or you will most probably find a lot of problems down the road.


Good advice from @anikolo. That is the very reason i have used Curve|Plane intersection to overcome that problem.

thanks for advice @anikolo