How to align/fix Mesh loft


I’m trying to create a loft between two meshes but the result is not good. I tried following advice from other posts but still nothing. Can somebody help me explaining what’s happening and how can I fix it? (133.0 KB)

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Here’s one way: (133.7 KB)

Awesome! That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot René!

Hey René, quick question. Do you know why if I join all the meshes it says it’s not solid and you can see that a quad is different?

MESH_LOFT (from Rhino Forums).gh (138.5 KB)

Normals needed to be unified too: (136.7 KB)

*This can be done a bit smarter but edge line directions need to be checked/adjusted first so there’s no need to unify later.

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Sweet! Again, this worked perfectly. It was also driving me crazy because when I added this to a larger definition the top mesh was being duplicated at the end but I found the problem. Thanks a lot for your patience!

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