How to add a "Tab" to Properties


I was wondering how to add a custom “tab” to the Properties - like below

Any documentation on that anywhere?


You may find this discussion useful - at that point in time there was not enough exposed in RhinoCommon to do this. C++ you may be more successful - look in RhinoSdkObjectPropertiesDialogPage.h for more details.

Thanks - that helps.

Ooh wait… I was thinking wrong. I thought a tab not a properties tab. sorry for the confusion

Here you canfind an example how to add a tab

also see:

You can extend the ObjectProperties page by overriding your plug-in’s PlugIn.ObjectPropertiesPages virtual function and adding your page. Let me know if you need an example.

@dale, as said in an earlier discussion on this topic there seems to be problems when doing this from RhinoCommon - see

Unfortunately I can’t access this Youtrack item to see if it has been solved in the mean time.