Python Editor and Object Properties


I have a specific question regarding Rhino UI of object properties.
Is there any way to write custom code using Python to add additional option of the object properties tab? I would like to preview (toggle off/on) attributes of a geometry object. Is there any sample code?

This is an illustration what I am trying to do:

does this older topic help ?

Thank you for the reference.
But the examples are in C# which I image needs to be compiled. I am wondering if a similar python project exists.


What would be the most common approach in this scenario?

Probably there are two follow up questions:

  1. can this be done using python only?
  2. if not, can I for example develop a plugin using C++ , store for example attributes in a rhino object attributes, and for the backend use Python?

No. To extend the Properties panel, you’ll need a plug-in (C#, C++).

Yes. It will some assembly and p/invoke work.

– Dale

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Thank you:)

Could you please point me to C++ project example for the Properties Panel?

Hi @Petras1,

Look for SampleObjectPropertiesPageDialog in the C++ SDK samples.

– Dale

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Thank you