How to add a mesh face? How to START a mesh face?

Hi guys, this is one of those obvious, ultra simple things that never seems to get any traction, so I try once more :slight_smile:

1 - How do a user make a single Triangle or Quad mesh face?
(Start a new mesh, not SubD, just a pure mesh)

3DFace is the tool to use, BUT there still is no icon for it, nor other mesh primitives, so please add this to V7. Right now you have to know what too look for in the pull down menu as remembering that 3DFace actually means MakeNewNGON is very far from intuitive.

2 - How do a user add a single extra mesh face to a mesh?
(Both connected to one edge or two vertcies, or totally freestanding face (Aka disjoined mesh))

Here the workaround as far as I know is to make a new “3DFace” (horrible name) and then join that to the previous mesh. Or extrude the edge and then turn on controlpoints and move these, which is a horrible job if you need to add 100 faces.

Here is an real life example:
I need to QUICKLY add a face to this mesh by selecting ONE EDGE and then picking one or two new vertex points.

Reason for wish:
We often need to quickly draw up a reference mesh based on scan data from surveys and then we don’t want SubD’s nor Nurbs, so a quick mesh modelling tool would be superhandy.

I have scripts that lets me make faces, but the thing is that Vanilla Rhino should be able to do this. I could use Rhino 7’s SubD tools and then convert the SubD to a mesh, but obviously that doesn’t cut it, since then I would have to convert back and forth for editing if I want to avoid having the shape smoothed whenever I was SubD modelling other objects at the same time.

Proposed sollution:
Basically I would like to have all the SubD tools working on meshes as well.
That would solve close to all of my needs.

Extra wish:
I would like “Append to SubD” to be intelligent enough to recognize if an edge was selected and then start from that.
AND to be smart enough to both accept vertices and edges at the same time, so we don’t have to click “from edge” to start from an edge.

Thanks for listening.

Hi @Holo, thanks for your feedback

In Rhino 7 3DFace creates a new mesh or SubD face. You can switch the Output type in the command. When you need to add a new face to existing mesh then you can select the mesh and run _AppendFace.

3DFace and AppendFace are essentially the same command. Both have the FromEdge setting. If you constantly use FromEdge then you can set FromEdgeReset=No and FromEdge setting will stick.

Many of the other SubD tools also work on meshes. Including InsertEdge, Bevel, Stitch, Slide, SubDivide, InsertPoint, DeleteFaces and Bridge.

I’ve logged your requests:
RH-59983 3DFace: Add to Mesh Tools toolbar
RH-59984 3DFace: Rename to something more intuitive
RH-59985 AppendFace: Start from edge when edge is pre-selected
RH-59986 3DFace: Allow picking both edges and vertices

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Thanks Jussi!
I’ll look into the output type and check out appendFace as both a mesh and subD tool and see how it works out.

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Small updates @Holo,

  1. you can find the 3DFace icon on the side panel of the Mesh Tools toolbar:

  2. Renaming of the 3DFace has been discussed earlier. My opinion is that MakeNewNGON is not any better. 3DFace can create quads as well. I think the logical name would be simply Face.


Thanks, I should have checked (I never use the tabs… :grimacing: )

I fully agree that MakeNewNGON is no better (it was not meant as a proposal, should have spesified that :wink: )