How to achieve light scattering effect like the one on photo?

I’m using an existing light fixture in this scene, but, since I’m a novice, I am not able to set lighting and material as necessary to achieve necessary effect. In attachment is fixture’s photo and its IES file, as the result I’m currently getting.

Naica Trasparente.pdf (343.6 KB)

IES diagramm Naica Trasparente.pdf (40.0 KB)

The keywords are " Photon Mapped Caustics". :wink:

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Thanks, I’ll check it.

Theoretically, yes, but in practice: forget it. It’s super slow, difficult to set up and gives only mediocre results. For these kind of effects you would need a light tracing render engine. I think you are better off faking this. Even Vlado himself says: if you see an images with caustics, it’s either a photograph or Corona :wink: (not the virus)

I’m using Vray, but since I’m a novice, I’m not sure is it able to manage this.

Vray has some courseware that include caustics. You should check that out first and see if it works for you.

This could be useful: