Light rendering which is flashing

In the following JPG which I have found on the web -
the upper 5 lights are kind of high flashing.
Is there a way to get such a result with V-ray?

no is not possible using a renderer (i guess)…but if you use gimp there’s a way that seems to be the same of the result in the image!try from the filters menu of gimp SUPERNOVA…there’s the solution!

Looking at the attached image, the only thing to modify is the color of the light…blu\violet in default mode…and after the radius of the" high flashing"

Actually there is a way to do what you want inside Vray…

Vray 2.0 has lens effects.

if you put a light or an emissive material, you can do it inside the renderer and obtain a phisically correct result.

You have to open the vray frame buffer before click render and activate lens effects ( as in the picture)



and how much increase the render time?

almost nothing:+1:

GREAT !!! :slight_smile:
I will try it
Thank you very much

try also the gimp way!
if you dont want install a new program,it’s enough the portable version!

I don’t know what is gimp? Is it a renderer software?
And what is the portable version ?

It’s for image manipulation. A bit like PhotoShop but free.

Thanks !! I will check it out

Is there a similar effect in Photoshop?

Pitti Andrea, I have tried your suggestion - with no succeess.
Do you have an example for this?

This is a little test.

4 spheres, with an emissive material applied.

and 4 ies lights to light the scene and create a light shape.

everithing you need to know is in the image.

THANK YOU sooo much !!
I will try it out.