Rendering for underwater lights

Hi Guys,

I am currently looking to do some underwater lighting for my project. I have a light geometry with a emissive light texture applied. I also have used spot light with IES profiles to project out of the light geometry.

The light geometry and spotlight is place underneath a vray infinite surface with a water texture applied to it.

In my renders i can see the led light texture, but cant see the spot lights.

The rendered outcome from rhino vray

Model from rhino

What I like to achieve is sthing like below

My water texture settings are

It would be great if there would be any suggestion on how to achieve this effect.

If there is any information of my model or texture setting required, please do let me know I will definitely try to provide.

Thanks and pleased to hear


First of all I would suggest you to Update to 3.6.02…
Second I would use a physically correct water material, in this way you will have more predictable results…

Then you have a couple of ways :

Environment fog is the most straight forward (available from vray 3.6)
this is the result render, in low quality…


Thanks Andrea, those definitely are good suggestions. However our office currently is still using 3.4 and not sure when we will be upgrading to 3.6. Would you have any chance know what setting I would need to adjust in 3.4 using the default Liquid_Waves material in the Vray Library to see your effect in your render? Thanks