How to achieve clean perimeter cut on imported 3D model (Rhino to Aspire)

Hey guys -
I’m running a test cut on pine to cut a ‘t-style’ guitar neck. I’ve modelled in Rhino and followed the following tutorial (for job setup etc) for 2-sided cutting (extremely helpful for a new guy doing 2-sided cuts!):

The job cut ‘ok’ but the perimeter cut was pretty jagged. I used a 1/4" em for the roughing passes and a 1/4" ball-nose for the finish passes (please see screenshots below).

I’ve read that this is a common issue when cutting a 3D model but I’m not sure how to work around this. I can import the actual outline ‘curve’ from Rhino into Aspire but have no idea how to create a toolpath to get a clean perimeter cut while at the same time have the 3D model cut as is laid out.

Rhino model:

Job setup:

Toolpaths -


You can see even in the rendering how jagged the perimeter is:

Any help is appreciated!!

I think is just representation but I don’t know the program.

Importing the outline curve into place and running a profile pass around the guitar will give you indeed a cleaner edge but it doesn’t solve everything completely with 3D milling. Vcarve/Aspire has a bit of an odd way of dealing with 3d objects as it converts your 3d model into a pixelized black and white image, which is what you see in 2d view. The resolution of that image will determine how clean the 3d milling will be and this is set in the job setup under modelling resolution.
Now, vcarve (and I assume Aspire as well) has a ridiculous easter egg where there is a way to increase the resolution to be higher than the maximum you can choose by default. To get this you need to hold shift while clicking on “Set Job Dimensions and Origin”. and then suddenly 2 new resolutions pop up:

For maximum precision you should take maximum resolution. Do note that the resolution stays the same regardless of the size of your job. So if you have a 50x50 cm project you have the same amount of pixels as you have over a 100x100 cm project.
Import your 3D model after you changed the resolution otherwise your earlier imported model will stay in the old resolution.