How things work in rhino

hi guys, i’m new to rhino and i’m trying to make sense of things.

my question is, are all the functions that are available in pallet icons available in the pull down menu bar? and vise versa?

Most, but not all. There are a few items that are menu-only, a few others that are toolbar-only and still a few more that can only be accessed by typing the command. But in general, the most often used commands have all three possibilities.


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thanks Mitch, i appreciate it.


As @Helvetosaur mentions, behind each button and menu item is a command with a name, for example ‘Loft’. This is accessible via the menu, or via a button, but in reality, using the menu or a button is the same as typing in ‘Loft’.

If you are on Rhino for Windows, you can use the Help panel with the ‘Auto’ function turned on. Anytime you press a button, select a menu item, or type a command, you will get information related to the other ways to access that command. You also get other information on how to operate that command successfully.

And on Mac:


thanks Luis, thats an awesome feature!

i just found out from
that there are 839 commands in rhino 5. impressive. i have alot to learn.

i wonder are there functions without commands?

Hi Yousef - in a way - that is, for example, Gumball is activated by the Gumball command but interaction with it, once open, to scale or move, does not require a command - is that what you mean?
Or, perhaps you mean functions available via scripting or programming, but which are not actual commands? Yes - many.


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Thanks for your reply Pascal, that is truly amazing. you guys are geniuses! i’m really excited about learning rhino.

Now, why doesn’t everyone think this way??? =)