Access to all rhino commands


how do i have access to all rhino commands?

only using the top and left side icon bars have all the commands?

is there a way to know the function of each icon / command just by placing the mouse over them? as in other software?


Hi bilico, if you go to help, it has them listed there.—-Mark

I do not understand
you can be clearer ?


but using only the top icon bars do you have all the commands?

I don’t know what toolbars you have set.
I don’t know what extra plugins you have.
you can access every command from the command toolbox by entering the command name and selecting the options that pop up.

If you hover the mouse over an icon, it shows the command.

Hello - not all commands have buttons or menu items - most do, but there are hundreds of commands…


and how can we use commands that are not on buttons or menu items?

Hello - Rhino runs off of the command line - you can type any command on the command line, plus Enter or space bar, to launch the command.