How should this simple pipe bend be done..cage or bend?

Metal bending again !

I have searched internet for pipe bending, keeping the bend to a limited area of the pipe. nothing.
Still cant fathom out how to latch onto a specific video featuring such. using search function in vimeo or McNeel. I have asked.

V5 tipsTricks usb has gone walkies at the mo, V4 tips and tricks dvd doesnt show isolation of bend to part of an object but the whole thing gets bent.

One vid on www says cant bend polysurface, but then proceeds to do so, another text tut says convert to meshes.

Would I here be better to bend the centreline then pipe it ?
Should though polys get con to mesh first for anything involving bending ?

in attached file, I have my V shaped pipe with radiused end, that end needs to be bent upward, the blue line shows the centre of the pipe (purple) as a side view after the bend, one can see its still straight either side of the bend. Just like one might grasp end in pliers and bend it up a bit ! Pliers protect the tip so it remains straight.

just what settings are turned on and off for this if bend command used ?

What is best command ? How does one use cage and get a bend and the rest of the end to move to its new angle without bending ?

This has to be a video, where is one, or maybe someone could oblige ? Jing etc :slightly_smiling:

pipe bend.3dm (74.1 KB)


In the transform toolbar, you can find a bending tool. Try “_Bend” in the command line. I’m sure you can understand how it works.
It will ask you for two points, which correspond to the start and the end of your curvature.
For your example it works in the Right View.

Hi Steve,

I’d use the _Flow command for that.
Wat I did was:
1: align the blue curve to be in the center of the Vshape and with the flat part truly flat ( it was slightly slanting upward toward the bend.)
2: get the length of that curve (29.77mm) and draw a straight line from the start of the blue line with the same length.

3: Flow the tube from the black to the blue line

Note that the result is better if you use _Flow for the centerline and than pipe that instead of flowing the pipe surface.


Maybe with the comand, curve from two views you could make the center rail of the pipe, and then make a simple 1sweep to make the pipe.

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Ha! You beat me to it. Curve from two views seems to give the most control for this operation.

Crv2View does not keep the same length of the centerline which Steve may want to do.

Willem Flow method did the job.

Crv2View sees the end of the curve truncated !



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