Bend a volume

Hello everyone,

I search to bed this piece (in attach) but I can’t arrive. I think that it is simple but I don’t do this. I would like that this piece is bend to 90° in it center… If someone can explain how can I do I will be enjoy,

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Nplier.3dm (2.6 MB)

Hi Nicolas - is this what you’re after?


I want to understand how can I do to bend this shape 90° with a small angle inner (like a sheet steel part), so with a less radius inner,



hello Pascal,

No I want to bend at 90° with an smallest angle inside (like a sheet of steel).

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I nicolas_b,

If you want to truly bend it, there is a bend command? I think you would just have to set up some crv guidelines for yourself to bend it properly. The tightest you can go would obviously be based on the thickness of your material which is 3mm? so you want to bend from an offset of 1.5mm from the centerline to the centerline. I gave it a whirl and it worked, except it crimps in based on the direction the U and V are running of your geometry. That might be something to look into.


thanks a lot, I will try,

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hello Aaron,

Could you explain step by step how can I do because when I do it is not perfect. I just want to have a beautiful bending with the same thickness and and angle of 90° thanks a lot in advance,


please find here what I have done but it is wrong…
thanks for your helpbend2.3dm (3.2 MB)

ok, take your flat model and:

split in half - rotate 45 degrees from center - mirror - filletsrf 3 (metal sheet thickness 3 bent should have a radius of 3 (inner) and 6(outer) ) - offsetsrf to the outside at 3

is this what you’re after?

thanks a lot but what about the radius up and down?
in your drawing it is "flay and not curve?

thanks in advance for your answer

If you mean this (picture) just trim the fillet before offsetting.



thanks but no I would like the continuity of the share (when it is flat) like a sheet of steel bend.
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could you explain step by step please?

I don’t seem to understand you, or you me, please follow the steps in the previous post.

Bonjour @nicolas_b - I think you can achieve what you’re looking for with the Bend command. The trick is to hold down the Shift key (if Ortho is off) so that you lock the cursor at 90º and then move the cursor close to the bending point along the spine. See the clip and file attached (Bend_VS_2)

Another option, would be to use the FlowAlongSrf command (Bend_VS). My 2 cents…

Bend_VS.3dm (359.9 KB)
Bend_VS_2.3dm (482.0 KB)

Hi all,
i would recommand to use Flow along Curve command with good setup , give pretty good result, less deformations.
Bend-Flow.3dm (2.0 MB)

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hello Vanessa,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Could you please send me the file with an older version because I work on a MAC V5.5.2 (5f85) and your file can not open with this version of my software.

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Le jeu. 13 déc. 2018 à 18:06, Cyver a écrit :

Here you are:
Bend_VS–RH5.3dm (594.2 KB)
Bend_VS_2–RH5.3dm (474.1 KB)

Note that you can download the WIP for Rhino 6.

Maybe it’s fine for a rendering or a sketch but in reality radius is inconsistent and the line wobbly.