How should I layer this form?!

Hey guys,

This is my first practice in Rhino and I’m a bit confused on its layering. its so messy now. Should it be layered by each geometry? or…?

This is the file if the pic is not clear enough:

kouhsar Model 005.3dm (3.8 MB)


You mean how to use layers?
I use them to organize different types of objects by materials. In architecture it could be floors, walls, furniture, etc.

I use layers by material too. I’ll also split things up per room or per piece of furniture and then into sub layer of materials.

This lets you easily add rendering materials per layer.

You can also easily select all objects that should be wood and give them the same texture mapping properties.

Thanks a lot. That’s very useful :cherry_blossom:

Yes that’s what I meant. How to use layers. That’s a great idea thank you!