Best Modelling Strategy for Multiple Surface Materials

Hey all, what is the best way to model elements when applying materials for a rendering/animation?

I’m modeling a good sized house for an amination and rendering (Enscape). Whats the best way to model the various elements, i.e. walls, roofs, doors, so you can apply different textures to them? Exterior walls for instance. Do you model 2 walls side by side so you can apply brick to the outside and white paint to the inside? Or is in better to model 2 vertical planes to act as the faces of the walls? Is it better to model the solid wall and explode it?

I’m sure people have developed their own methods and I’m curious to know the best way. Do planes/surfaces work the same way with materials as solids do? I know glass gets funky if you don’t give it some thickness.

I know this is long, but thank you for helping. I’d say I’m about intermediate level in rhino so any advice from the masters is MUCH appreciated.


I suggest you to model the objects as solids, it’s the good way and be aware you can use sub-selection for different materials within the same object, it might be enough for what you need

there is a double sided material in rhino 7-
you can assign one material to one side and another to the other side.

Thank you both. I couldn’t make both answers solutions tho they both were. So with sub selections can you slit a side into 2 parts for 2 materials?

And does a double sided material still use PBR principles?

You’re welcome, for subselection just use ctrl+shift when selecting and finally assign the materials

As far as double sided and PBR, not sure since it’s shown as different options on the material menu