How Oriented object perpendicular to 3 points?

I’m having problems ordering these profiles in 3 points and I need someone who can explain to me how can i oriented the figures,
I try to make the profiles perpendicular to the points
try to assemble the profiles correctly at the distances of each point.
and I can not place them in the correct order
I don’t understand how it works.

Thanks for any ideas to come.

orient sort and (26.4 KB)

Hi Eliel,

As you’re dealing with three points maybe you can consider triangle mapping, though not necessarily the only way.

Maybe this helps you get your point-ordering logic going:
orient sort and (67.9 KB)

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hi, @corellaman
Thanks a lot for the suggestion
I could explain the logic that I use to see if I can locate them in this position that I am trying to achieve from the profiles.

Got you, you could try tween through curves, component in the pufferfish plugin to make tweens of/in between these sections - perhaps use the three (or as many more) sections oriented as you have them in the last picture you posted

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hi @corellaman
I have been trying to create as the initial script that you sent, the idea is to orient the profile in the two external curves and scale it to reach the points and then direct it in the internal curve and scale independently in the direction of the internal curve, so that it is possible to create the same thing that I do in rhino,
but to achieve the outline I need to make several profiles that are aligned and stretched in the directions manually in rhinoceros,
I tried to do the same but from the beginning of Grasshopper since the idea is to make it more harmonic to work and summarize scaling processes to orientate each profile along the curves

yes - triangle mapping? :grin: *uses discontinuity so you don’t have to have points internalized

threw in additional curve tweens, make sure to have pufferfish installed - if not then you still get what you were trying to achieve, I hope

orient sort and (52.2 KB)

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Here is another way to get to the bottom of this matter based on your idea.
although not as verbose as the definition of @corellaman :ok_hand:
orient sort and (23.5 KB)

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Thank you so much to you two. It works prefect!
I´m trying, step by step to understand logic. :slight_smile:
Much appreciated! :mueca: