Allign Perp Frame or Oriented objects correctly to a set of curves

Hi, I am trying to achieve a geometry similar to the one in the detailed drawing attached to this post, where a set of trusses are connected to one point, with the oriented planes alligned in a similar fashion for each one of them. I am new to grasshopper and I’m not sure if what I did is the right approach, as it doesn’t seem to work as I was expecting it to be. Could someone please advise what is the right approach for this exercise? (34.6 KB)

image (27.7 KB)

Thank you! This solved the problem.

Hi I have tried to apply the same principle to a series of trusses and it doesn’t seem to work. Would that be an issue with the list of curves and if so could you help me with that? Thank you (27.4 KB)

like this?
image (37.5 KB)

Yes, thank you