Why did you develop Rhino for Mac?

Hello there,

Since 2015 you started shiping Rhino for Mac.
Why did you guys decided to that?


Because there are a lot of Mac users? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Because there are a lot of Mac users?

Now that’s an interesting theory!


Mac use among the general population is about 10% or so - not stellar, but…
Mac laptop use among undergrads is about 25% or so - and this is the generation that will be creating the future.

Here it’s more like 70%… CH schools have always been an Apple stronghold.

While Windows dominates unit shipments, architects and designers tend to prefer Macs - by dint of perception, desire, or habit - if the software they need is available. By no means an absolute, but a tendency. Reasons should be obvious.



The Mac version had been under major development since at least 2007, when it first became available on the Mac as a free WIP download. That was a huge commitment. I know that graphic designers, who tend to work almost exclusively on Macs, have adopted Rhino, as more of what they do moves into 3D. (Sketchup is a bit limiting, and Maya has a huge learning curve and is expensive.)