How long will the legacy shapediver platform will be up to be used?

Hello dear Shapediver Team,

for planning purposes i would like to know how long the legacy platform of shapediver, with which my current formatting java script is still working, will be up for usage. Is there even a specific date already set in stone or can i only work with estimations?

Thank you very much!
Best regards,

There are several things to take into account:

  • The legacy ShapeDiver platform will keep working for a few more weeks. We estimate that it will be retired some time in the spring.
  • However, when you talk about your javascript setup, I am guessing you refer to using the version 2 of the viewer to embed models on your website. The version 2 of the viewer will never stop working. Until the end of 2022, occasional patches and bug fixes will still be released for version 2. After that, however, no more maintenance will happen for version 2. If you plan to update your application after the end of the year, we would recommend to migrate it to the version 3 of the viewer. You can read our migration guide on the new help center.