Shapediver V2 configuration cant be saved

Hello dear Shapediver Team,
we are still using the V2 of the Shapediver Viewer because we have an “old” javascript which was not yet updated to the V3 API. Previously configuring the gh script in V2 and saving it was no problem. Now if i press the save button i dont get a new model under “my models” and the model remains in the “pending” tap of the libriary. Did something about the V2 change, or did it even got phased out?
Does anybody else have the same problem?

Thanks for the help,

Are you trying to update your model on the legacy platform It is likely that there are issues now with uploading new models there. Please try to use the new platform ShapeDiver. You can still edit your model and save it using the version 2 of the viewer with the new platform, by using the V2 button in the edit mode:

Hi @mathieu1

I’ve been trying to upload a new model the new platform using and using the V2 viewer in an iFrame. It seems I need a different ticket than the one produced from ‘copy and paste’ iFrame code as I get the following:

Image 20220430004

I can get the model to load in the V3 viewer using the code in the copy/paste but of course my save/reload code then no longer works.

Is there somewhere I am missing where I can get the correct ticket?



Just to be sure: Did you copy the complete ticket? It has a dash towards the end, and a second part.