How long should it take to save and move this mesh with Rhino8?

Is this save time to be expected ?

rhino V5
40 secs to import it.
30 secs to save it

Rhino V8
27 secs to import it
31 secs to save it

v8 2.28sec select and become yellow
same v5

to select wait for yellow move tab 0,0 initiate and have done.
v5 12.31 secs
v8 13 secs


ID: 844fe7be-e2bb-4f39-8984-21588dd676cf (4246)
Object name: (not named)
Layer name: Layer 05
Render Material:
source = from obj
index = 1

Valid mesh.
Open double precision polygon mesh: 2838268 vertices, 5433408 faces with normals
Bounding box: (-19.076,-21.852,-1.702) to (19.551,25.991,14.600)
Geometry UserData:
UserData ID: 769DDDD4-1756-4c95-A026-8E975D704AEA
saved in file: no
copy count: 0

was hoping V8 a lot better with meshes handling, but having to wait whilst I move it same as in V5.

new PC with Nvidia 3070 card, 64Gb DDR4 Corsair Vengence Pro ram, latest processor etc.
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core Processor, 3401 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
all SSD’s.
Holo test done see thread on that.
Total Score: 319903
Total Runtime: 1012.32 sec


so was the holomark test a good result and why such SLOOOOW mesh working in V8 with new PC ?
built for Rhino8 work and meshes and video editing.

I then chop some meshes off the wall.
Valid mesh.
Open double precision polygon mesh: 2360370 vertices, 4570769 faces
Bounding box: (-18.932,-0.426,-1.074) to (19.433,46.090,13.671)
Geometry UserData:
UserData ID: 769DDDD4-1756-4c95-A026-8E975D704AEA
saved in file: no
copy count: 0

15 secs to move it, 26.8 secs to save it.

(shrink wrap fails, is it too big for such)


for the saving, try disabling this

Hi Steve,
Moving big meshes in Rhino isn’t very fast as Rhino rewrites the location of all of your moved geometry. (All vertices gets new locations, and this I understand is a linear process, not sped up by hyper threading etc, only by single core performance and memoryspeed)

If all you need from the mesh is a visual representation then make a block of it/them.
It will make moving the mesh(es) much faster since all you do is move the representation of the mesh, not the actual geometry. On my system this is instant compared to taking seconds.
I tested this on a block of 16 meshes that make up more than 5 million polygons.

(Holomark just compares systems and not the actual use of Rhino (how the commands and their wiring works underneath the hood) so if it scores well yet still performs slow then it should not be your systems fault)

So if your system scores well in Holomark then it behaves equally well in Rhino, but that doesn’t mean that Rhino is fast compared to other software… hope that helps.

But I do see a strange behaviour that I don’t understand.

@stevebaer can you test this on your system to see if you see the same behaviour?

  • Just make a huge mesh and copy it a few times, then duplicate and make a block of that stuff
  • Then run this script on them both, both preselected and not.
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import time

objs = rs.GetObjects("Select objects to test-move", preselect=True)
if objs:
    startTime = time.time()
    rs.MoveObjects(objs, (100,0,0))
    endTime = time.time()
    print("It took ",round(endTime-startTime,2),"sec to move the object(s)")

On the block I get 0.04 seconds to move it, regardless of being preselected.
On the objects I get 0.4 if NOT preselected and 3.6 secons IF preselected.
Which seems very strange, but is consistent with how slow Rhino is if I use the Gumball to move it.

JDHill…many thanks for the advanced setting, done that now
and made the wall a block, and move it and a second later its done.
much better.
saving much quicker, few secs not 30secs.

Shrink wrap it and 44 secs later, done, (not the 5 mins before)
however no shrink wrapping across brickwork, maybe it needs to have a rear face, be a watertight object ?
(see other thread)
However the Block advice is CRITICAL.

Should be in a pop up advice panel when importing meshes !

and Holo wins the oscar :slight_smile:


Glad it helps!

Two other things:
ReduceMesh might help you out too.
And Insert a mesh instead of import. That makes it an external block that is not even saved in the file.

How do I Insert a mesh, and can it still have the jpg image made during the making of the .obj (by Agisoft) mapped to it ?


I usually and prefer to make a custom rhino file with the mesh(es) and then insert this into the main rhino file. Just drag it in or type insert. That way you are not saving the inserted data, only its location. (If you choose to just link it!)

I prefer to keep its layerstructure not embeded too, but test out the options for your liking.

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Hi, I have found that if I import the mesh then make it Block, I cannot then apply the texture, in V5 thats by object in the ‘toothpaste’ icon tab.

so I applied texture, then made it Block.
all was good untilI happened to need another ortho view, there it was a black mesh, and now I cannot give it texture, remains a black mesh.

Ooooh I hate Block Instances, typical example of why they deny things.

so now what do I do ?


Have you tried editing the block? BlockEdit or double clicking the block?