How is the "Map" output helpful in the "Create Set" component?

I can’t find any practical use to the “Map” output in the “Create Set” component.
If it gave a boolean list with a “False” value for redundent items, and a “True” value for whatever nuclear item was retained during creation of the set, here would be a useful list allowing to cull another list or select specific branches of another tree.

Examples of concrete uses of that map would probably enlighten me…

Exactly ! Thanks Joseph.
But this process should be more straightforward don’t you think ?

It is convoluted… And what I did there isn’t the only way to use MIndex - I’ve seen simpler constructs - which might be why it’s left to multiple components?

I use this output all the time. Here are some examples:

I often use it with Assign Paths to create branches for data based on some property value:

Or just with list item so I can create a set of values generated from the unique list, and then map it back to the original list:

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This is a useful example - I often use Assign Paths rather than member index in this scenario as it’s much faster for large data sets:

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Hi andrew,

it’s fitting that you chimed in because the whole business here is for me to process the output of your “BlockExplodeR” component in order to generate useful trees for further down the definition.
Processing a Human block (21.0 KB)
The methods that you exposed (although they may be quite useful in other situations) don’t seem to work for my purpose here.

well if you explain what you’re trying to do, perhaps I can help. Probably worth starting a new topic in #grasshopper:human

I am actually re-writing some code I had done a while back with Luis Fraguada.
Thanks for your help offer, but I guess I just needed help with the “Create Set” component.

Despite all the solutions given by you and Joseph, I still think that this component should have another output with booleans to filter out redundent data from lists and trees.
It seems to be the obvious role of the component, and should not require adding more components.