Set within set (inSETption?)

Hi everyone,

I encountered some troubles when I tried to use the member index component on a data tree.
As you can see in the attached files (and in the pictures), elements are getting “mapped” over a certain set (folding angles, see rhino picture 1).
In a second time, I’d like also to find their size difference (rhino picture 2).
Overall, I’m trying to get (in this case) nine Lists, some

In the definition picture (or file) you can see the first set + member index combo is doing fine.
The second one seems to be working as well (in therms of list lengths) but indexes are actually overlapping in the different branches (several time index 0 for example). Preview the last list item to get the meaning of the last non sense sentence I just made :smile:
This has to do with the different branch levels, but I cannot find a way to solve this.

I found an alternative solution to this problem by finding a vector that is different in both cases (angle and dimension cases), but i’m really curious how to solve this problem in this way here… Any suggestions? :raised_hands:


Antoine from Belgium (1.8 MB)

Is this what you want? (1.8 MB)

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YES ! The partition list step is perfect !
Shift path was the mystery… well gonna dig a bit into that, thank you very much ! (1.8 MB)