How does one make an object translucent whilst rest are solid?

I need to make the solids that form the 4 separate walls of a box translucent whilst keeping the items within still solid opaque.
How is that done ?


Hi Steve,
You can use SetObjectDisplayMode . Choose the objects to make translucent (or pre choose prior to command) Then press Enter, select Mode=UseView and choose from command options. Use the same steps to change objects back.

To set directly the ghosted view/objects use this command:

_-SetObjectDisplayMode _Pause “Ghosted”

Personally I created a new button in the MMButton menu and I assigned the following commands to the left and to the right click on that button:



'_SetObjectDisplayMode _Mode=_UseView


The first command It allows me to quickly set different displays modes per object and the second command resets all the custom object displays modes to the one currently used by the viewport.

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I have done that and chosen ghosted, how do O make the objects more faint, i.e adjust the amount of transparency just for them, without affecting the ghosting transparency normally in use ?

Hi Macuso,
where is the MMButton menu ?
sound useful.

I am V5


If you are pressing the MiddleMouse Button will automatically pop-up a menu.


If you are pressing the top part of this toolbar will allow you to make some modifications by pressing the cog whell icon from the right. By pressing the Ctrl modifier key on your keyboard you can copy by drag&drop any button from the toolbars and use them in this MMButton Menu. You can order this menu by pressing the Shift key and dragging the icons around. You can also edit and modify the actions of the buttons like in the bellow picture. Also you can make this menu bigger or smaller just by dragging the corner of the menu.

P.S. In this picture I just used the original X-Ray button and adapted to my needs.

You can make copies of the original Ghost Display Mode and set different levels of transparency for each preset. Maybe there is a better way but for now I only know this solution.


Hi, thanks,
I see I have ghosted in perspective and right views but its still solid in front view and top view.
Should it not have become ghosted in all views ?
How do I get the object to become ghosted in all views ?

From Help:
The display mode is only applied to the active viewport at the time of the assignment.

No, SetObjectDisplayMode is “per view”. Below is a script that will set object display mode for all views, plus its “antidote” (restores defaults). (1.8 KB) (775 Bytes)

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