Direct Select the Mode from SetObjectDisplayMode?

I just want to create an alias for the “SetObjectDisplayMode” and I want to jump after the “Choose attributes for selected objects (Mode=UseView)” straight into the “Mode (Wireframe Shaded Rendered Ghosted XRay)” and I don’t know how to do this.

If somebody can help with this please post. Thank you.

Hi @Macuso, just pass what you would type to the command line in your macro eg:

_-SetObjectDisplayMode _Mode


Thank you for replay. Unfortunatelly don’t work as expected. This command just get stuck to the first dialog “Mode=UseView”. I want to automatically bypass this dialog and get to the next one. If you are clicking the “Mode=UseView” on commandline it’s getting another dialog with more options. I want to get straight there without to pass by the first one (“Mode=UseView”).

How to pass Click instead of Enter in dialogs in Aliases?

Make sure you use the -dash version of the command _-SetObjectDisplayMode…

Edit: Oh, and you probably need a _Pause if you did not preselect the object…

_-SetObjectDisplayMode _Pause "Ghosted"


Thank you Mitch. Your command it is working, but unfortunatelly it’s jumping straight into the “Ghosted” view mode. I just need to get all the menu that also contains the “Ghosted” option.

Hi Macuso -

! _-SetObjectDisplayMode _Pause _Mode
(‘Mode’ is the option that actually shows you the available modes.)


There isn’t a menu - just command line options…

This will get you directly to those options:

_SetObjectDisplayMode _Pause _Mode


This is working: “_SetObjectDisplayMode _Pause _Mode”

Thank you.