Ghosted Objects that are solid

Serengeti V8

Can someone say, why some objects (this was created with MinimalBoudingbox script but happens sometimes) are rendered Ghosted in Shaded View.

Thank you!

Desk Export.3dm (87.7 KB)

It just has a Ghosted object display mode applied. Use ObjectDisplayMode>UseView to reset it.

The MBB script might be designed to add the bounding box in ghosted mode in order to see the objects inside it (I can’t remember). - Confirmed:

Mitch thank you, worked. Is there a way to lock this behaviour, that it will never occur again, as I will use GhostedView, if I want to do it for all. It’s irritating.


For the MMB script, yes, you can turn that behavior off - just open the script in a text editor, scroll down to near the end and find the line I indicated above, type a hash mark # in front of the line as in the image below and re-save the file and close.

As for any other objects that you might import with an object display mode applied, no, there’s no way to automatically remove the display mode on import. The script below will remove any custom object display mode from selected objects. (775 Bytes)

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Thanks so much for your time and knowledge, Mitch. Will use it and edit the script! Thanks

@Helvetosaur can you tell me which editor you use. Looking good and I have Notepad, that has no colors. Thank you!

For writing scripts I use the internal Python script editor (in Rhino 7 - haven’t tried the Rhino 8 version yet).

For just opening to read, I use Notepad++ You can configure it to format code for virtually any language.

Awesome. Thank you for this information!