How does Clayoo compare to zBrush?

Shopping for the best option, I’d prefer to stay in Rhino but if Clayoo is too gimmicky I’d rather just get zBrush, they are close enough in price.

It’s the organic modeling I’m after… pushing, pulling, ect.

Clayoo lets you work inside Rhino and outputs to Nurbs.

Zbrush offers far more advanced editing tools but it is a very deep and unconventional piece of software. Many beginners can’t stand the interface, workflow similiarity with Rhino equals zero, there’s a considerable learning curve. Zbrush is strictly mesh based – you cannot natively output your models to Nurbs.

There are cheaper (3D-Coat…) and even free options (Blender, Sculptis, Meshmixer… ) with powerful sculpting tools too.

I use 3D Coat and actually prefer it over ZBrush. I think it’s very close to the capabilities of ZBrush but WAY more user friendly.

I think it all depends on what type of sculpting you are doing and how much detail you need. As hifred pointed out, Clayoo is no where near the capabilities of ZBrush or 3D Coat. But do you need that kind of power? Maybe Clayoo is enough for what you are doing?

My two cents – if you are creating an organic product or architecture (something that needs to be more exact) that will eventually go into production, then I’d give Clayoo a shot with the trial and see if it fits your needs. However, if you are creating organic shapes that are more natural in form, like for marketing ads and such, then I’d try 3D Coat.