Best sculpting software for topography and organic designs?

I dabbled in Unreal engine and it has an amazing topography sculpting brush that allows you to build landscapes/peaks/valleys, add rocks and paint on moss/mud/grass…but it’s not intended for modelling objects. I’ve been recommended z brush but told it’s rather complex to learn.

What sculpting software would you recommend so create topographies, added trees/grass/etc and create organic models (ie, huts built from wood, etc)? Something that would play nice with rhino ideally.

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I am looking for something like this too!

Sometimes I use the sketchup warehouse for trees and rocks…
And there is a plugin for sketchup called ‘Artisan’ which adds some sculpting features.
Take a look:
The sculpting brush is fine for creating some basic terrain meshes.

But sketchup struggles with high-poly objects, so Blender might be the better option!
As you can see in this video, the brushes seem to work pretty well for sculpting terrains.

Nevertheless, it would be great to have some basic mesh sculpting brushes inside of Rhino :wink:

clayoo has some sculpt tools inside Rhino.

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Thanks Diego. From the example renders Im seeing online from clayoo, it doesn’t seem to have very good refined sculpting capabilities…also, it really lacks in tutorials on youtube. I’d really prefer an established software in organic modelling, but one that would work best with Rhino (if possible).

I like that Blender is free, but Im hearing zBrush is best.

So what’s the best organic modelling software for Rhino users (aside from clayoo)?

I would go with 3dcoat, they have a hobby version that is quite affordable and the complete version is too. It has the type of brushes you desire it’s voxel modeling yea it’s a bit complex in that interface, but not that hard to use it’s a lot like zbrush and many game people use it to sculpt and texture their models in. It truly is amazing and addicting once you get into it and I hear it plays well for game export. There are many 3dcoat tutorials on youtube.

Thanks. I’ve heard of it before. Definitely like the price of $379. Looks promising, but does it play nicely with Rhino? Ideally I could bring Rhino files into 3d coat and then export 3d coat file and open it again in Rhino. Is that possible?

Yes but it is only possible in that you have to use meshes, it would be great if Rhino had voxel import for 3dcoat files .You can use the Obj or fbx format, meshes only. I think the hardest thing in 3dcoat is getting your detailed model out of 3d coat, I usually just export the model than reimport it in the uv room then go to the paint room thus avoiding the retopo room but for game stuff you might need to go and downgrade your polygon amount in the retopo room.

I would recommend using SelfCAD. SelfCAD has powerful sculpting brushes that you can use to create any character with much ease. It’s popular among both beginners and professionals in 3D modeling.

The sculpting style of this program is bit different from those of popular sculpting programs like Mudbox and ZBrush and it’s much beginner-friendly even though it’s not very powerful like the the latter.

SelfCAD is also browser-based and one doesn’t have to install any other additional software. There is also a free version that one can use. To unlock all the features, users are required to pay $14.99/m.

I don’t understand?
What would you use that voxel data for in rhino?

SculptGL and Sculptris are popular and free sculpting programs. Meshmixer is free mesh editor and cleaner. It can be used as sculpting program as well.

Hi @norbert_geelen

I use it to import my voxel models without meshing first, turns out Rhino does have voxel support via GH.