How do you taper this?

Hello, good people of rhino. So, i made this geometry .

And i want to taper it only from the side but it wont happen. the result looks like this

I want it like this but only from the side

any help would be very much appreciated
model.3dm (32.9 KB)

I would do this with Taper. Call Taper. In your right viewport, with Project on (on the OSnap toolbar), select the bottom of the shape as the start of taper axis, the top as the end of the taper axis, then for what you are looking for be sure that Flat=Yes and Infinite=Yes.


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Hi Ankit - use taper, from the side view, with Infinite=Yes and Flat=Yes.


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Thank you man, it worked like a charm

Thank you pascal. You are the greatest teacher there is.
Though i am novice i would also like to be a regular and help other people starting out with rhino. But most questions seem to be advanced. is there a ‘novice’ tag where beginners post their questions. thanks again

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Ankit, We were all novice at one time.
Welcome to the forum you may find that in the future you have learned something on your own that answers a question someone asks.
Keep checking daily it is a great way to learn.

All my best … Danny

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There is another way to do this that will produce a cleaner, simpler and more accurate result.
All you have to do is untrim the planar sides and rotate them inwards and then trim and join.
modelx.3dm (94.1 KB)


jim’s method also has the benefit that, by moving the planes, one can adjust the width and angle of the thing in future design iterations; overbuilding always has its benefits down the road ; )

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