Taper straight - how to?

Good evening!
Just wanted to know how to get a simple object tapered in the intended old way (straight lines) checked all options, without any effect. Thanks for your help

Hi Hannes - I’d think it should be straight -sided - what is the input object, a truncated cone? Hm- yeah, I see that as well on one of these,. The workaround might be to explode, and taper with PreserveStructure=Yes, but I don’t think you should need to do this, I’ll put it on the heap.


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I used cage edit with 2,2,2 control points… But is this normal? So that it’s not working as intended? Thanks!

@hannesgrebin I always use cage edit with 2 control points on the axis I want to taper. I could never get taper to work as I wanted it. Probably my fault.

Cage edit I find very useful for doing transformations on t-spline objects once they get complicated.

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@sochin and @pascal recently thought about Rhino 7 and a future modeling approach should be all in Rhino with easily converting NURBS into SubDs and backwards. easy modifiers like Cage edit or other FFD approaches like converting any object even multiple points or curves into modifiers with one click. look @sochin as you described we could even get rid of taper command if we only more promote cage edit eg with 3 presets and an custom preset (2points, 3 points, custom). hence there would be less clutter. I’m convinced you can reduce all commands to 200 main commands and get it tidied up and let the user decides to go for efficient or precise. the future should be more about design and the software to take over the part of recalculating always curves and surfaces into an optimized result during every operation. makes no sense to constantly figuring out why things don’t work. I rather go for the 20% effectiveness than on absolute precision. e. g. a filet command that would always work and come up with the most effective result or dimensions that look good with a few relevant parameters. boom. to keep the software and process lightweight and intuitive and easy to adopt. this is a totally new modeling paradigm or manifest and I think it’s the future.
how would Rhino look in an age of singularity? how would Rhino perform at the speed of thought :thought_balloon:

Let’s do this!

Sounds like you love the sort of things Elon Musk is talking about doing. Me I`m not sure if I want any of it…I kinda like the command line in Rhino :slight_smile: