How do you set right button window functions on V8 like on V7

Hi all,

Just downloaded V8 for evaluation and I noticed the right button window functions on V8 doesn’t offer nearly as much functions as V7. Does anyone know how to set V8 to be function like V7’s? See attachments.

Also, has anyone notice that Intel Denoiser does not work in V8?


+1. This has been asked several times already in the past months.
Btw, it’s a menu and not a window.

All the window/display functions - roughly the bottom 2/3 of the menu - have been moved to the viewport title bar (left or right click) - that is where they reside in Windows Rhino.

It should be possible to customize the right click context menu, don’t know how that works in Mac Rhino…

We know. Whatever is the reason, we are asking to have the “full” contextual menu back.
Shouldn’t be hard to integrate.

Not on R4Mac.

Funny, when MacRhino came out in 2009 or so, a lot of people asked why this stuff wasn’t available at the VP title menu like it was in Windows Rhino. Question of what you’re used to, I guess…


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I would love to know how to get this menu back as well. Sorry, I’ve only ever used Rhino for Mac - I’ve become used to it as part of my workflow.