How do you increase the quality of the shadows in Vray lights?

Guys, I ask you, it is useless to open another discussion.
I have Vray 5 for Rhino.
How do you increase the quality of the shadows in Vray lights? (artificial lights in particular, for example, in rectangular light).
Among the various parameters there is no “subdivision” option that can increase the quality of the shadows … They appear a little grainy while using very high quality parameters.

Thank you

can you upload a screenshot of the settings? Do you use the presets that come with Vray? I’ve always customized them

Overall quality is great …
I was wondering how to improve the quality of the shadows (there is no subdivision option for the shadows).
This is a test … as you can see, on the white chair the shadows look very grainy.

Best you turn on the global override so that anything is rendered grey. At the moment the shadows looks perfect, I can’t see a noise.

General you touched to much options and increased your render times. Best you use the default setup of the quality slider. I would recommend to use “High” and see what you get. (If you like more speed than set retrace 1 instead 3.) If you need a finer noise than touch the noise limit only and try 0.005 instead 0.01. But you could try the denoiser for removing the last fine noise and your render times should be better.

Do you get the same issue when making a full scene instead of two chairs and a table in a black hole?
And as Micha mentioned, use one of the three available denoising options.
On my machine the intel denoising is super fast, almost instant and kicks in after about 4 render passes.