How do people use blender cycles

this thing is unbelievable slow

Are we talking about Blender Cycles (as in “running Cycles from inside Blender) or Rhino’s implementation of Cycles? And what hardware are you running Cycles on? Being a GPU render, it doesn’t play well with older hardware. I use it a lot for previews and quick material test before moving to Keyshot for final renders. Usually product viz renders res up to 1000-1500 samples in 20-60 seconds - all depending on complexity and material types.
HTH, Jakob

i was referring to Cycles in rhino… don’t know if it’s related to blender but I heard people saying “blender cycles” a lot

Hi @parex
Cycles was originally developed for Blender and is now being implemented in Rhino by @jesterking, who is (or was?) part of the original dev team. Cycles is a real time raytracer using the GPU (or CPU… or - in the future - both) and will replace the Rhino render from V7. For now it’s implemented as a view mode that can also be used for off-line rendering via ViewCaptureToFile. When you say it’s slow, what are you comparing it to? Compared to render preview it’s slow, but raytracing is. Compared to the Rhino render, it’s not… again all depending on what hardware you are running. If you are seeing huge render times, it might be that something in your scene is bad, so upload a file, if you suspect something is wrong.

Still am a Blender dev, just not much time to devote to OSS development, since Rhino is a time sink :slight_smile:

My work alter ego on this forum is @nathanletwory, fwiw.

maybe it’s the video card being old… K2200 circa 2014

I’m just trying to render some generic glass and aluminum material…

It’s slow compared to vray interactive, for example