How do I upgrade to Rhino 5 if I already have a licensed version of Rhino 4?

I’m a grad student, so I know it should only be $95…I just can’t seem to find the link that I need anywhere (I can only seem to find a place that allows me to enter a Rhino 5 license key but I have one for Rhino 4)

You can purchase an upgrade license at

Thanks, but I don’t see an option for a $95 student upgrade on this list…

(…that also includes a link. I obviously see the pricing structure, but there’s nowhere for me to go to purchase the $95 upgrade)

There is a tab on that page for students/ educators - did you see it? (It is new and perhaps not obvious)

Thanks Brian. I do see the tab, but I don’t see any links that actually allow me to make a purchase

At the bottom of the student order form, assuming that is where you are, there is

"Mail or fax to (206) 545-7321 or your dealer or e-mail to

So, no direct link, for educational orders.