Rhino 5 to 6


I have rhino 5 and i got it with a student license a few years ago. I want to update to rhino 6 but I have a few questions:

1- If i upgrade to 6 what will happen to rhino 5?
2- Since i have rhino 5 with a student license, do I need to buy a new license for rhino 6? how does that work?
3- Will i lose my student license?

Thank you!

Nothing, it will continue to work as before. You can have both installed on the same computer.

Yep. V6 is a paid version change upgrade.

Depends. If you are still a student, you can buy an (inexpensive) edu upgrade.

If you are no longer a student, you can buy a V6 commercial upgrade, which is a valid upgrade path for your V5 edu license.

In either case, your V5 license will still be valid.

HTH, --Mitch

Okay, thank you! :smile: