Upgrade to rhino 6

Hello I have a rhino 5 license. How do I upgrade to rhino 6? Wasn’t it free for rhino 5 users or do I have to pay more?

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It’s on the site: https://www.rhino3d.com/sales/north-america/United_States

As far as I know upgrades to new versions are never free (wouldn’t make much sense business wise). Just the Service Releases per version are free.

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Thanks Michael

Any idea if Rhino 4 can be upgraded straight to Rhino 6 for the upgrade price?


The upgrade price is from ANY prior version. That has never changed.

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In the past, I remember that you can upgrade from ANY version. I suppose that they are keeping it.

I have an educational license can I switch to the commercial version benefiting from the € 395 upgrade offer? Thank you in advance.

Yes you can.

Hej there, is it recommended to uninstall rhino5 prior to the installation of rhino6?

I know there was some trouble regarding the licencing manager with rhino 4 & 5: If you installed v5 and then deleted v4 there were some licencing problems.


V5 and V6 are separate applications. It doesn’t matter if V5 is installed or not.