How do I turn on export options?

I’m using the Mac version. When I exported a file to xt I opted for the default config and ticked “don’t show these options again” stupidly. I had a brief message saying how to turn them back on, but now I can’t find out how to. I even reinstalled, but it still didn’t show up!

There is supposed to be an options button on the File dialog but I’m not finding it in my build of MacRhino. This is one for @marlin.

So why doesn’t reinstalling the program reset the defaults then? Adding the button - how long will this be? Next update?

Many thanks,

the .plist isn’t in the .app package… it’s in the user library (and if it weren’t, every time a new beta came out, all the user preferences would be reset… which would be not too cool)

i’m sure there’s a way to reset just the setting you’re talking about but i don’t know which line exactly of the .plist it is…

you can reset everything to default this way though:

reset rhino preferences

Thanks for the tips folks. Will give them a try.