Plugin icon with Rhino Script Compiler and Yak Command Line Tool?

I’m using the Rhino Script Compiler to package a bunch of python scripts as commands into a plugin. I want to add an icon that displays when I search for the plugin via the Package Manager.

I see that it is possible to add an icon by editing the .YML file that the Yak Command Line Tool creates as explained here:
Rhino - The Package Manifest (

but, when creating a plugin via script compiler, I cannot see how to add an icon to the plugin:

So I’m currently do this weird workaround where I

  1. build the .RHP and .YAK file via the script compiler
  2. Delete the .YAK file (I don’t know how to edit this .YAK file so I delete it and generate it again later)
  3. Run the Yak Command Line Tool to spec the .RHP and create a .YML file
  4. Edit the .YML file to add the icon.
  5. Build the new .YAK file using the Yak Command Line Tool. Now I have an icon for my plugin.

It seems like I’m duplicating work by using both the Script Compiler and the Yak Command Line Tool.
So is there a way to add an icon from the Script Compiler? Or, is it possible to skip the Script Compiler entirely and build the .RHP directly from the Yak Command Line Tool when my plugin is just a series of python scripts?

Separately, when I build the .YAK file from the Yak Command Line Tool, it builds a rhino 6 version and I need to rename the file to rhino 7 to have it show up in the Package Manger. How can I change this in the Command Line tool?

Hi Michael -

A .YAK file is simply a zipped file that contains the .RHP and .YML files.

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Ah haa - I must have missed that in the documentation. Thank you Wim!