How do I simplify lines that form the surface

Hello. I’ve recently lost the file and managed to retrieve the imported version from Unity3D (rummaged through Assets>Scenes folder to find the 3dm file). However, the object now has a lot of lines (idk what these are called) that I assume make up the object. Is there any way I can reduce or simplify these lines? The screenshot below is in shaded view, yet it’s very crowded (not much of a difference in wireframe view). I’ve tried quadremesh, but it only seemed to add more lines. I could’ve just remake the model from scratch, but it got a lot of components and this is only one of them. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hi -

Judging by that image, you are dealing with a mesh object and you might have had a NURBS version at some point in the past. Reverse Engineering from mesh to NURBS is not trivial in most cases.

You haven’t stated the reason for wanting / needing to get NURBS objects, other than, perhaps, the view being crowded. You can use a rendered display mode or modified shaded display mode to not draw all the edges…

I intend to do a section laser cut (etching, not fully cut). Usually, I export the model to dwg, and I’d do the clean up there (inner lines).

If you are just wanting the object outlines, running the command MeshOutline from the desired view should give you the desired result.

Oh hey this works!! Thank you for the solution :grin: