Reducing the polygons on a NURB surface?

Hi there, probably an easy way to fix this but I have no idea.
I am planning to unroll this NURB, the shape is a simple triangle but has many extra lines that appear on the NURB and after I unroll the NURB, I wanted to simplify the faces as much as possible.
When the shape is meshed, there is no lines and is the simple form that I want, but after using MeshToNURB, the lines appear.
Hopefull that makes sense. I tried to reduce the polygons on the mesh but that did nothing.mircosoft

Hi - from what I can see in that picture, those lines on the face are just the isocurves that are showing. These can be very useful to indicate complexity of surfaces but can simply be turned off in the display mode properties or display panel.

Hi Rosie - take a look here -|_____3

There is a bit discussing ‘isoparametric curves’ - usually shortened to ‘isocurves’ that may help as well as the general outline of what surfaces are… not the same as meshes.


MergeAllFaces command removes the lines from polysurfaces. AddNgonsToMesh command removes the lines from meshes.

MergeAllFaces command removes the lines from polysurfaces.

That removes edges of co-planar faces, not isocurves. Isocurves are just a display of the surfaces topology, you can just turn off as @wim mentioned.