How do i set my rhino model scale the same as my revit model?

I have imported revit model into rhino. I see scala doesn’t fit. the measurements in rhino do not match the measurements in revit. For example, my windows are 900 mm in Revit and 1800 mm in Rhino. How do I set the rhino model to the right measurements?

Hi Sundus,

When you say importing Revit i’m assuming you are exporting to DWG from Revit and then importing the Autocad file. If your units match this would a non-issue.

Please clarify your workflow if this is not the case. Thanks!

Rhinoceros Help?

I’ m exporting climate studio file from revit. For example, when I measure the distance between 2 points in 3d view, I get different measurements than what is in Revit. Every time I zoom in and out, I have different targets. How can I make sure that my measurements in rhino match my measurements in revit 100%?

Can you post your exported file? or a small portion if it’s too large?

Please clarify, or take a short video/ screenshot. Thanks