How do I rotate my gumball axis so Z is up?

Hey McNeel Forums,

I’m wondering how to rotate my axis so that the Z axis is up. Right now its pointing right.


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Hi Zachary - if the Gumball is set to align to the world (Gumball context menu) it will always be World Z up (blue) ,if it aligns to the CPlane, then it will follow the Cplane Z when aacivated; if it aligns by Object… it depends but if a plane can be found on the object the Z will follow that, else the CPLane Z. GumballRelocate lets you set it any way you like.

Any of that help?


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Pascal, this was very helpful. Thank you!

Hey Pascal, I’m actually running into another issue. When I’m in perspective, and when I move > vertical, my object is conformed to moved left-right, and not up-down.


Hi Zachary - most transforms in Rhino are based on the current Cplane - that is, the plane that is active in the current view. The vertical option in Move constrains movement to the current CPlane Z. To make a Move > WorldVertical tool a macro can help:

! _Move _Pause Pause Along rw0,0,0 rw0,0,1