How do I open the PopUp window?


I am used to using the middle mouse on PC to open the floating PopUp window for the last 20 years. I cannot live without the PopUp.

Now I am on the Mac and use the wonderful Magic Mouse so there is no middle button option.
(I would have loved to use my left button to remedy the problem, but that button cannot, for some reason, be customised.)

Therefore I have had the PopUp remain permanently visible on the middle of the screen in order to survive. Well, now it it has disappeared and I cannot find a way to make it appear again.

CommandSearch only offers “Popup Popular” which is not what I want. I just want the good old PopUp.

I can paste “_ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=Popup _Visible=_Toggle UnderCursor=Yes AsMenu=No Enter”, but that does not allow the Popup to remain visible.

So, how can I make the Popup appear? Where is the thing hidden??
(Also haven’t found a way to make a Keyboard shortcut for this either.)

Thanks, Bendik

You can create an alias (preferences) for a single character you have not yet used for another alias (just for convenience, can be a multi character alias as well) with this macro: _ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=Popup _UnderCursor=YES _Enter

Thanks for that!

But how do I trigger the Alias? I assigned the command to “q”, but when I press q I only get the Command Window.

Oh, I have to press Enter first, just noticed.

Two problems:

  1. Complicated.
  2. The Popup disappears after one click.

Any other options?

Go to Preferences > Themes. In stead of “Rhino for Mac” choose “Custom”. Check box “Show top tool palette”.
Show palette “Popup”. The Popup palette will show up as a toolbar on top of the window.

Thank you Maxz,

That did it.
I wonder why the Popup is not showing in the command search, though.
Seems hard to find considering the benefits it has for a more efficient workflow.
It is like it has been forgotten, almost, or deemed unworthy…

Best, Bendik

Sadly the Popup is not retrievable in this way any more. I have gone through the same process, but no Popup, even after restarting. And even it it would work it seems a stretch to jump through hoops to display the Popup - defeats the purpose, no?

Why is there no Command for Popup??

Just to clarify: The Popup does show on the Standard tab-ribbon, but not as a floating tool palette. Meaning I must constantly move the mouse up to the ribbon and not only operate in the central region of the window as when using a floating tool pallette.