How do I merge two vertices in SubD?


I feel really dumb to ask this but neither help nor forum search wielded any results and I didn’t find it in the interface either:
In SubD modelling, something I use a lot is merging two points together to either close open edges like in this case below or reduce poly density etc.

How do I do this in Rhino :blush:

Embarrassedly yours,


Hi Tom- Stitch does what I think you are asking.


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Ha - fantastic, thanks Pascal!

I know it as “weld”, “join”, and in Houdini it’s “fuse”, but stitch I never encountered before.
The hard part it always what to search for if you have no idea about the syntax :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton!

Embarrassed Tom

There is hardly ever a good way to guess what a Rhino command name might be… there was a time when Roadkill was a Rhino command.


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And there’s still a command called Splop! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hehehehe - thanks, that helps with the embarrassment :wink:

I had the same initial hurdles in SideFX Houdini where they have some quite out-of-the-way names for things. They develop it since the 70ies, long before the industry settled on some more common names…
Not being a native speaker doesn’t help either with coming up with alternatives :wink:

“Splop” takes the top, awesome, LOL

Although Pixars USD takes it to totally new heights. They rename everything just for the heck of it. My “favourite” while going through the docs was “Pixel Oracle” for the Adaptive Sampling Algorithm…

Ok, you guys are really awesome, thanks a ton!



Crunchy n’ Creamy take the cake.

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Yeah, still sad those didn’t make it to v7 release.