How do I make the top of a cylinder attach to two points?

Hello, as you can see my 3d cylinder goes through the building, but I want it to be the core of the building, and for the top of the cylinder to touch the two midpoints on top of the tower. Thanks for any help.

You should attach you .gh file (with internalized referenced geometries if needed).

You can make a line from point to point and then use that line to make a Pipe;
or you could make 2 circles and lof them (will not be a true cylinder then).

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Thank you, how do I make 2 circles and loft them?

I’ve only started using Grasshopper today, thank you for your patience

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Should I make the top midpoints point1 and point2 for the pipe, and the bottom midpoints pt3 and pt4 for the loft? :slight_smile: